SELECTAS INFO. VRONI • Easily controllable growth behaviour; ready to be sold within 9–10 weeks • Short ower stems, easy to pack • Very visually homogeneous, no pre-owering • Bien regulable para la producción dentro de 9-10 semanas • Tallos cortos, fácil de embalar • Cultivo muy homogéneo, sin ores prematuras EN ES More information on Vroni you nd here 69 Gentiana cultivars sel® Luis Easy Blue 41013 · KLEGH12013 Š-Š‹ ‹Š-‹Œ Œ-‹Ž VII-X Gentiana cultivars sel® Luis Easy White Gentiana cultivars sel® Luis Big Blue 41034 41036 Š-Š‹ ‹Š-‹Œ Œ-‹Ž VII-X Š-Š‹ ‹‹-‹” ‹Ž-‹Œ VII-X sel® Twinni® Munich TS048 Š-Š‹ ‹Š-‹Œ Œ-‹Ž VII-X Can be cultivated very well in sets every 2 weeks (Photo: Set CW 22 to 14) Leontopodium nivale Vroni 21098 ‹Ž-ŠŒ ˜-‹Ž ‹Œ-ŠŽ VI-VIII ‹-ŒŠ ™-š ‹Œ Veronica armstrongii Hebe Lasse (Vernicosa) 25013 Veronica armstrongii Hebe Kalle (Topiaria) 25017 ‹-ŒŠ ™-š ‹Œ Veronica armstrongii Hebe Ole (Ochracea Stirling) 25015 ‹-ŒŠ ™-š ‹Œ Veronica armstrongii Hebe Bosse (Emerald Gem) 25016 ‹-ŒŠ ™-š ‹Œ 68 HEBE LEONTOPODIUM · GENTIANA