The Weinberger nursery in Zwiesel was pleased about an exclusive promotion day at the start of the 2022 season as a reward for its particularly creative implementation of the campaign, which took place as a fundraiser for ood relief. “We beneted greatly from participating in the Pink Kisses® competition. People came to our nursery who had never been there before and the feedback from customers and the public was huge!” said Mr Weinberger. Sina Bertsch from Blumenstiel in Wimsheim reports, “The customers were very interested in the sales set-up and were eager to buy the decorated carnations – and they were delighted with the free lipstick and the information material. So we denitely sold more Pink Kisses® than usual.” „ “ sel® Pink Kisses® 02163 · KLEDG12163* EN ES From social media posts, ads, videos and competitions to collaborations with inuencers and product testers to press releases and media collaborations – the Pink Kisses® communication is continuing its goal of further expanding brand awareness and achieving a wide reach. And industry communication has not been forgotten either. The Pink Kisses® promotional material provided free of charge by Selecta to promote sales was also used by retailers last season for eye-catching product presentations. Desde los posts en los medios sociales, anuncios, videos y juegos dotados de premios, pasando por cooperaciones con in uencers y probadores de productos hasta el envío a la prensa y la cooperación con los medios – continúa la comunicación de Pink Kisses® con el objetivo de seguir ampliando la popularidad de la marca y aumentar su alcance. Tampoco se queda atrás la comunicación del ramo: El material de promoción de Pink Kisses® puesto a disposición por Selecta gratuitamente para promover las ventas ha sido usado también en la temporada pasada por el comercio minorista verde para vistosas presentaciones de productos. 144 145 PINK KISSES® PINK KISSES®