55 RED EXPLOS ION PELARGONIUM This renewed super sustainable Pelargonium will make your cultivation profitable! Without any use of PGRs, Red Explosion is recommended for warmer cultivation on benches. Because of its natural compact habit, you can place more pots per m2! This amazing Pelargonium continues to flower and has a strong garden performance during the summer. That’s why we call this convenient grower- & consumer-friendly Pelargonium Red Explosion! - No PGRs needed at all! - Suitable for pots from 10,5 cm and bigger - Self-cleaning - Attractive leaves - Garden performance SPECIALS COLLECTION STADT BERN XL SPECIALS COLLECTION MAGNUS XL SPECIALS C. RED EXPLOSION M klassisch rot classic red classique rouge einfache Blüte single flower fleur simple dunkelstes Rot very dark red rouge très foncé besondere Pflanze mit sehr großer Blüte special plant with very large flower plante spéciale à fleur très grande blutrot deep scarlet rouge sang gute Verzweigung, einfache Blüte good branching habit, single flower floraison précoce, fleur simple