19 ZONALE / DARK LEAVED / DOLCE VI TA M L INE DOLCE VITA TESSA LAVENDER M DOLCE VITA KLAAS LILAC M Breeding is a lengthy process which requires dedication, expertise and an eye for detail. Every member of staff who works at the various Toscana breeding sites has these qualities which ensure that we offer added value right along the chain, from grower to consumer. New lavendelfarben lavender lilac bleu lavande clair sehr früh, guter Blüten- und Laubkontrast very early, good flower and foliage contrast très précoce, fleur/feuillage spéciale rosa-lila pink lilac rose-lilas guter Blüten- und Laubkontrast good flower and foliage contrast beau contraste entre fleurs et feuillage