Cyclamen Stress-free plant cultivation: 180-Cell Tray To meet the challenges of today’s production and the particular needs of cyclamen, Florensis has the perfect solution, the 180-cell tray. The priority is to minimise stress in young plant cultivation! The cyclamen for 180-cell trays are not transplanted into, but sown directly into the tray. The sufficient space between the cells - in comparison with other plug trays - provides ideal conditions for the plants’ development. The results are healthy, robust young cyclamen plants with well developed roots which are suitable for direct potting even into larger-diameter pots. Selected young plants: 84-Cell Tray The cyclamen seeds are sown in small plugs and transplanted into the 84-cell tray, as they reach their optimum stage of readiness. Depending on the variety, this is done 7 to 8 weeks after sowing. The transplanting process is accompanied by careful selection. Weak plants are sorted out and discarded. This enables us to achieve very high uniformity and continuous high standardisation right through to the flowering product. The use of the more mature young plants from the 84-cell tray also gives you as grower a head start in cultivation, leading to a quicker turn-around of ready- for-sale plants. Optimal efficiency: 288-Cell Tray Direct sown cyclamen are available from Florensis in a 288- cell tray. Two to one week before delivery, the plugs in the trays are checked, empty cells are refilled and weak or small plants are sorted out manually. This procedure allows us to guarantee top quality starting material: the perfect young plant for efficient cyclamen cultivation! 3 Cyclamen